Abducted by Aliens
Ace of Spades LB
Alaskan Mail Bomber
Armenians Jewelers Drug Laundry
Armenians Secret Service Hit
Arranged Hit from MDC / Football
Asian Alien Smugglers
Assistant Rabbi / In-flight Molestation


Baldwin, Alec
Barnerjee / Chippendale
Barnes / Pen Pal
Belli, Melvin
Block, Sherwood / AIDS
Brando, Cheyenne / Hearing
Brown / Mail Carrier Murder
Bruckhausen, Werner


Callihan / Kaspar In-flight
Camarena, Enrique "Kiki"
Cerritos Air Crash
Chalk, Victor - AIDS
Charlton Arsonist/Molester
Cocaine / Football
Colt Ind vs LA
Cooper & Wallender Counterfeiters
Criminal Courts UK

Day, Wayne  "Godfather of Watts"
Denny Beating Jury
DeRoca / San Marino
Douglas, Eric
Drug Laundress


Eighteenth St. Injunction
El Monte Thai Slaves
EME/Mexican Mafia
Espinosa Espousal Rape


Fleiss, Heidi
Frontieri Plea


Gabor, Zsa-zsa
Gillespie, Darlene / Mouseketeer
Garcia / Civil Rights / SIS
Garcia, Darnell / DEA
Goodman, Stuart / Computer hack - A Current Affair


Harmon Custody
Haroldson, Snyder
Hell's Angels
Holden, Nate / Councilman


IRS Bomb
Isgro Payola


Jackson, Michael / Richie, Lionel
Jamaican Defendants
Jordanian PFL Deportation
Jekot / Steroids


Kato Embezzler
Keating, Charles / Lincoln Savings
King, Rodney / Beating of Mr. King Civil Trial and Suit
Knight, "Suge" Marion
Kuhen / Wrong Way

LAX Bound Terroist - A. Ressam
Leasure, William / LAPD
Lynwood Deputies


MacIntosh / Cocaine
Mack / Cop & Robber
Marcos, Imelda
Marshall, Bobby
McMartin Molestation
Meinhold vs USN
Menendez Brothers
Miller, Richard / FBI Spy
Minkow, Barry / ZBest Carpet
Mitlick, Kevin / Computer Hack
Moore / Councilwoman
Moore LAPD / Sexual Harassments
Moriarty / Egan Young


NBC / Department of Justice


O'Connor, Carroll
Orr / Glendale FD Arson


Pipe Bomber
Pratt, Geronimo
President Reagan / John Poindexter case
Prop 187


Ramierez, Richard / Night Stalker pre-trial


Redistricting / LA County
Representative Kim
Rojas, Benjamin / Sexual kidnapper
Rojas, Cheyenne / Hearing
Roston, Scott / Honeymoon Cruise
Rowenburg, Robert / US Forestry


Schoolyard Dealers
Shakib / Arms to Iran
Sheleman / Investors
Simpson, OJ
Slaver, Ivey
Snitch Harris
Snoop Dogg
Sobek / Rathbun
Soltero, Felipe / Compton PD
Spielberg Stalker
Strohmeyer / Las Vegas Murder
Surviving Daughter / Civil rights
Sylmar / Cocaine


Terrigno, Valerie
Tucker / Congressman
Tylo, Hunter


Uncharged Murderer / Passport Violation

Van Cleef & Arjoele

Witt, Katarina
Wyekoff, Hamilton / School

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